I did this project purely for fun - let's try to explain it with seriousness.

Every time we upload an image containing our face, algorithms are being fed. They analyse it, process it and use their findings to refine biometric models that can then be used to recognise our face anywhere.

Two points, relevant to this project:
1) We shouldn't upload our face to the web all the time - or rather, because who am I to tell anyone what to do, it'd be great if more people were aware of the (potential) consequences.
2) We upload vast amounts of (visual) data everyday. For every image, isn't there a nearly identical one somewhere out there already? *

Anonymizme is a privacy tool drawing the logical conslusion from the points made above:
Every time you upload a new #selfie to the web, use Anonymizme to replace your face with one of the many faces, that both look (almost) exactly like your own one and are out there, eaten by algorithms, already anyway!

; - )

* this point is directly inspired by one of my favourite project by two of my favourite people: Doppelcam by Dhruv and Melanie.