This is a project I did with my dear friend Melanie Hoff. So far, it has only been used once in a controlled environment, but here is what it is:

Browser Surprise is a Chrome Extension. When installed, every x amount of time, while browsing, a new tab pops up (accompanied by Melanie and I singing "Browser Surprise" in various pitches, listen below). The tab opens with a website that a randomly selected other user of the extension, on his computer, is browsing (surprise!) at that same point in time.

Graphic: Browser Surprise surprises you with what others are browsing.
Audio: Melanie and I, practising for Browser Surprise's sound effects.

The extension proved especially interesting when used by people in a shared space, altering browsing behaviour in both a restrictive way...

"Every website I visit might be shared, better only browse cool things."

...and a more creative way...

"What I browse might pop up on my friend's computer over there, how can I make her laugh?"

The lastest version of the code can be found here, but needs revision which I will do....soon!